Angolan Professional Network (APN)

Angolan Professional Network (APN) is a non-profit network platform founded in 2015 by young Angolan professionals residing in the Netherlands.



Alice Cannoo- Tomas
Alice Cannoo- TomasVice-President
I am Business Development Manager at the Southern Africa Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (SANEC). I am also Entrepreneur at “Africa Trades” a company I founded that Identifies and facilitate trade between Africa and the Beneluxe. My goal is to contribute as much as possible to Africa’s sustainable development and to create a global market for African products and services.
Mariana Zinga
Mariana ZingaEvent Manager
I am a Social Worker and Entrepreneur. I have my own fashion label where I design and create fashionable African prints. In addition, I am also a Youtube influencer, where I share videos about different themes. I am APN Event planner & I Social Media coordinator. My goal with APN is to “Organize great events that are attractive to the our target groups.
Cedrick Junior
Cedrick JuniorPresident
Currently I work as Advisor at ING Bank and as Consultant at Imara Vision.
As a founding member and president, I aim to help build relationships between professionals, students, startups, entrepreneurs, corporates, investors, and governments. Above all, the most important thing is creating value for people and having fun while doing it.
Denilson Coelho
Denilson CoelhoTreasurer
I am proposal manager at Boskalis Offshore Energy. I Co-founded APN to inspire, motivate and empower Angolan leaders of tomorrow who will contribute to development of their communities and the world. My goal within APN is to ensure quality and continuity of our foundation.
Antonio Frank
Antonio Frank Secretary-General
I am a lecturer at the Hague University for Applied Sciences and a PhD candidate at Leiden University. I joined APN because I believe APN is of added value for Angola as well as for European nations. Cooperation is a key vehicle to achieve sustainable development. Within the APN I have the role of secretary, and I am a member of the executive board.